Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the list of the frequently asked questions regarding sailing in Croatia. Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone/WhatsApp: +385 91 505 5933.

Can I rent a yacht for a few days only?

All Zrce Sail Week events have 7 days duration, from Saturday to Saturday or Sunday to Sunday. All our cruising plans are adjusted fully to Zrce festivals, and minimally one few days festival is inside our sail week. This makes our cruising plans pretty strict, and less then a week is not possible to arrange. People who can't start at planed dates choose to arrive later or leave earlier; however, you have the regular full cost of the week in a case like that.

How go with food, cooking, and cleaning?

Every crew buys their own food. You and your fellow crew members prepare food. The amount of food depends on crew plans. If the crew plan more eats onshore than sure need by less food on yacht and reverse. Don't worry, you are not alone on the yacht, and people rotate duties. Take care that the skipper is also a part of the crew. Don't forget to prepare a meal for the skipper as well :-)

Catamarans have the hostess, and if you rent catamaran hostess can cook for you, if you ask that. So this option exists too.

The price for the skipper and hostess does not include their food costs. It is required for guests to provide at least 3 meals a day for any skipper/hostess on their yacht. .

How can I be on the same yacht with my friends?

It depends on how you order at the first place.

1. If you book and pay together with friends, you will be together on the same yacht as default.

2. If you book and pay separately, then you must contact us and inform us about your request to be on the same yacht. Take care; we are advised that you pay reservations on the same day or as close to one another as possible because we can't guarantee and hold available places on the same yacht more extended periods. And when the summer season starts, multiple bookings happen during every working day. Take care of all this before registration.

I've never been sailing - can I go?

Most of our guests are first time sailors, and most of all, loved it as we can see :-). This is a great chance to learn more about boats and our skippers can help you with that too! Sailing is an amazing experience and a great adventure. We do not sail "whole days," usually we sail a few hours each day, and then we stop, and people relax and party on the boat or check out existing festival events on the shore. So as you can see, sailing is just one aspect here. Zrce Sail Week is a combination sailing, learning how to sail better, boat relaxation, exploring the land, and party on the Zrce festivals on the shore.

Who shares a cabin with me?

If you book with a friend, we will place you together. If you book on your own, then we try to pair people of the same sex in cabins usually. There are single bed options available in the saloon too. We are always consulting with everyone, and, rarely, we cannot find a solution that the crew agrees.

I don't know swimming! Can I still come sailing?

Yes, you can. But inform skipper about that before you leave port. Every yacht is equipped with life jackets and dinghies. The skipper can take you to and from the beach on the dinghy, and you need more often wear life jackets, and that's all.

Sea Safety

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are comfortable and safe when you in the sea. Always avoid swimming when are risk factors show, take care at all times. Additionally, never jump into the water without checking the depth. We advise that you always inform your skipper and/or hostess if you are a weak swimmer! You must know that ultimately the responsibility in terms of your safety when you are in sea lies with you only! If you are concerned about your ability to swim, always ask your skipper a life jacket.

What are the ages of Zrce Sail Week guests?

Most of our guests have been between 18 to 35 years of age.

What is the ratio of male/female guests?

The overall average is about 50/50 in most of the seasons. However, we often have entirely male and fully female crews on yachts, too (when a group of friends goes together).

How many people are required to rent a whole yacht?

Usually, groups of 6-11 people make full yacht booking.

But we have a significant number of cases where just 3 or 4 people rent a whole yacht. In these cases, people wish to have more space, or most often, they want to have their own cabin on a boat.

Can I book a spot on a boat if I am traveling alone?

Yes, you can book one spot only.

How do I pay?

All payments need to be made via bank wire transfers. All payments are over 1000 EUR usually, and credit cards are not so suitable for these amounts.

The Zrce Sail Week default price is in USD because our headquarters office is USA based. Prices are shown in Euros because Croatia is on the European Union territory. When making a booking, your invoice will show USD total cost. EUR into USD conversion is created based on international live exchange rates.

Yacht Security Deposit requirement

Zrce Sail Week work based on usual yacht charter laws in European Union. Every yacht rented must have arranged the Yacht Security Deposit contract. It is a direct relationship between you and the yacht owner if damage caused to the boat. Zrce Sail Week is not a party to this agreement and cannot accept liability for the return or loss of the Yacht Security Deposit.

Upon arrival, the yacht charter company require a security deposit to cover possible additional cleaning, loss, or damage caused to the boat. This will be refunded (less any sums deducted for damages) at the end of your trip.

Yacht Security Deposit depends on the yacht, but most often is a reservation on credit card. After the boat back without any damage, they cancel that payment reservation on a credit card. If damage happens on the boat, they take money from Security Deposit. The most simple is to have a credit card for the Yacht Security Deposit requirement.

We strongly advise that at least one crew member be present at check out to witness if any damage found.

You are responsible for the whole yacht and not just your spot or cabin. We are the advice you that because of that at the start, you inform the crew that avoids any damages and act with care on yachts equipment.


We divide all possible cancelations based on type for you here.


Free cancellation can be arranged within the first 48 hours of booking. We cannot refund if 48 hours pass!

We book yachts and make other financial commitments to skippers and yacht maintenance suppliers in order to be able to provide people with Zrce Sail Week event experience. We can't refund because of these reasons. The yacht management process is complex and involves other parties. We can't refund because we are already paying these third parties.

If a case like that happens, we are advised that you find another person to who you wish to transfer your order. We can help you in that direction after 48 hours only.


Cancelations from our side are rare, but if we must make a cancellation, we will notify you of any cancellations as soon as possible before departure, and you will have the choice to:

- Book alternative arrangements from us or
- Accept the cancellation and receive a full refund of all you have paid to us.

Do I need travel insurance?

It is your private choice. Travel insurance can cover adventurous activities such as sailing, medical expenses including repatriation, loss or damage to baggage and personal belongings, money, public liability, and cancellations.

If you wish that we arrange comprehensive travel insurance for the duration of your trip, ask us about that, and we will help you do it through our third-party Croatian travel insurance agent.