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Quick Summary

We offer ultimate sail yacht packages for all Zrce festivals – think of Zrce Sail Week as a floating festival trip with friends. Zrce is nicknamed the "Croatian Ibiza," and it says you all!

Our yachts can accommodate between 6 and 12 people. Monohull sail yachts usually get till 8 people, and catamarans can have till 12 people on board. What you choose depends on the size of your crew, how much space you wish to have, and the budget. We are consulting with every crew, and based on that, we handpick the best available yacht for you.

You get your own skipper with every sailing yacht. On the catamarans, you get your skipper and hostess (if you ask, a hostess can cook for you too).

Those traveling as a one or a two can look for cabins or solo reservations. But take care, crews renting a whole yacht are usually most available! If you are renting just a cabin or solo reservation only, then we can confirm these reservations at the moment when one sail yacht is fully booked. So as you can see, cabin and solo reservations are based on actual availability.

No matter what accommodation option you book (full yacht/cabin/spots) all boats travel together and for that week as the part of the Zrce Sail Week flotilla. All cruising plans can be changed based on weather conditions and skippers' final decisions.

Zrce Sail Week Event Calendar

We are here to organize a dream holiday on a sailing yacht during ZRCE festivals for you! All Zrce Sail Week cruising plans are created that contain minimally one multiple day Zrce festival within Zrce Sail Week. In that way, we offer the ultimate and most exclusive Zrce vacation packages.

Check all available dates for the 2020 season in the Zrce Sail Week event calendar here.

Price per Person
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Zrce Festival Cruising Route, Croatia

Begin Your Sailing Adventure

Zrce Beach is world-famous for its music festivals, 24-hour parties, and incredible open-air nightclubs looking out over the sea. It is THE HIGHEST and most popular party place in Croatia!

Lucky ones that can have yacht during Zrce festivals put their dream holiday on top level without any doubt.

Zrce Sail Week is the first and largest brand that offers and specialized for Zrce Festival Cruising Route.

How do I get to my Zrce Sail Week departure marina or bay?

Every Zrce Sail Week is carefully selected on the way that inside sailing week exists, minimally one music festival with a few days duration. Important is to know that based on the week you select and boat type, departure and ending arrival places for Zrce Sail Week are one of these: Zadar, Pag, ferry port Zigljen (Pag), ferry port Prizna, Stara Novalja, Rab ACI marina, and Zrce Beach.

All these places are in close island Pag area. We check the exact availability after you start the reservation process. When we confirm a reservation, you are informed exactly all you need to know, including cruise departure and finishing place.

Cruising Route

As already described, every Zrce Sail Week is adjusted to different Zrce festivals. Because that cruising routes for every Zrce Sail Week is different. We provide you the exact general cruising route plan before departure. Important is to understand that the cruising route is subject to change as changes in weather, actual busyness of yacht marinas and anchor places, fuel, water, and electricity levels, and any other external factors out of our control that require route change.

Passport and Visa

When you are traveling to Croatia, check that you have a passport that is valid for at least 90 days. Take care if a passport is below 90 days of expiration. Some countries don't allow you to leave your home country in a case like that. We are seen situations like that already happen. Be sure that traveling from your country doesn't require a visa too.

We are suggesting to everyone read our frequently asked questions (FAQs) area too. You can find the most useful and real-life essential pieces of information created for you there.

That's all! These are the main cruising details for your party and adventure sailing in Croatia.

Let's sail together in Croatia for 7 days on our famous floating festival route.

Official Zrce Sail Week Crew Finder

Do you want to be on a yacht for less than a week? Or you wish to find the rest of the crew for your yacht? Or, if you are traveling solo, you can check to have any spots on yacht available. Official Zrce Sail Week Crew Finder can help you with that.

Go to Crew Finder

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Zrce Sail Week has established business relations with over 300+ yacht owners and yacht management companies. You can see in a quick way here part of our Zrce Sail Week flotilla. When we confirm a reservation, you are informed precisely all you need to know, including chosen sail yacht type and name.



- 7 days sailing holidays on the sailing yacht
- The price contains skipper cost in all monohull sail yachts. Catamarans prices have included skipper and hostess cost (if you ask, the hostess can cook for you too).
- Use of snorkel equipment
- Dinghy
- Bed linen
- All local taxes
- Final yacht cleaning

NOT INCLUDED (additional costs):

- Port or mooring fees: Zrce festival route does not require that every night yacht stays in the marina! Yachts go in marinas based on weather conditions and the level of available fuel, water, and electricity.
- Yacht fuel, water, shore power
- Food, drinks and drinking water
- Additional food for skipper & hostess (if you have hostess in your package)
- Towels
- Water taxis (usually required in cases when crew back on the yacht from a festival in the middle of the night or similar conditions)
- Tickets to festivals (every crew select with own choice to what club, festival or event go and based on that decisions buy individual tickets)


These not included costs are usually additional costs by all existing yacht charter businesses. We can estimate your potential extra costs in Croatia in the island Pag area. It can help you understand these costs generally. This estimation is for monohull yacht and notes that port fees and fuel will double if you book a catamaran.

Port or mooring fees: 100 EUR per night (can little increase during peak season)
Water, shore power: Usually is already included in port fees or pretty small fee apply.
Fuel: 250 EUR
Water taxis: 250 EUR


Hotel pickup and drop-off to the sailing yacht departure place.


We send you with the booking confirmation together a link to fill online crew list after you successful reserve our sailing yacht. You are obliged by Croatian law to fill in with all the data requested at least one day before the commencement of your yacht charter.

The number of the persons onboard should correspond with the number of the persons on the crew list.

In case the crew suddenly changes, the guests are obliged to contact and inform us about the changes in order for us to verify the new crew list.

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IMPORTANT: Departure Time

Please arrive at least 30 minutes before cruising starts!

How to Book

We are focused on making the reservation process a possible simple and straightforward.

You can start the reservation process by clicking Book Now in our main menu on top of the webpage or click here.

You will see on the Book Now web page 3 step divided registration form:

1. Choose between a full yacht, a cabin or a solo reservation
2. Select exact week and billing details
3. A final recheck of reservation details

Take care that it is the initiation of reservation. Yacht, cabin, or spots are not reserved instantly after booking form submission. We must check yacht availability and consult about the required details with you during the next few days. We strongly advised that you are trying to avoid 'last-minute' reservations maximally you can.

If all is successful, you get final confirmation from us, pay and sail!

Payment Options

You can choose between 2 payment options: installments or full payment.

If you select the installments option, you are paying 50% in the moment of reservation and 50% fifteen (15) days before the departure date.

If you select full payment, you are paying 100% in the moment of reservation.

All payments go through bank wire transfers only.

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As soon as you make a bank wire payment, please send us the proof of payment so we can make more easily tracking of your booking.